Monday, 23 March 2015

Make a Butterfly

Make a Cabbage White ....... 

I think of every butterfly we make as a voice shouting out in support of libraries .....

personally I find cheap PVA and a brush easier than a glue stick 

Draw round template

Cut out

the creasing gives a delicate, veined effect

I like to use wire for the butterfly body but you can just use a twist of tissue as below

If you leave glue to dry on plastic (cling film is fine) you can peel it away once dry

You don't have to paint markings but you can

Scrunched up bits of tissue are useful for positioning drying butterfly wings

Attach bottom wings to body

...then top

Leave to dry

Antennae are optional .... Wire and paper both work 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

If you're reading this ...... mwah!

First I want to thank everyone who's taken an interest in this little bookish project of mine.... which began at the beginning of March 2011 (4 years ago!!!!) with this guy ..... (Photo courtesy of Chris Scott)

...... and is going to end this summer with one last shout out ... 

I've meant to finish on several occasions but there always seemed a good reason for taking up the scalpel again. This however will call time on the project .....

Because it's going to be the last, I would like it to be the loudest so I'm asking you all to join in...... not that I'm saying you're loud (I am) .....

If you love libraries and think reading matters then please make a butterfly..... and why not make it in memory of someone who loved books and encouraged you to read. 

Get your mates to make one .....and the kids..... Don't hand over coffee until you've been presented with a cabbage white (made from paper she hastens to add)

Let butterflies fly in from as far afield as possible ...... Libraries are loved the world over ...... and in some places people still die for the right to learn to read ...... 

Spread the word ...... Let us be inundated....

Your butterfly is to be no bigger than 2inches/5cm. Below are basic instructions but if you follow @_freetofly_ on twitter you can make some along with me ......

If your finished butterflies could be posted to:-

The Butterfly Collection, c/o 1 Haddington Place, Edinburgh, UK, EH7 4AE
..... before July 31st 2015 xx

I will then assemble them and deliver our work to a secret place ......

In support of libraries, books, words and ideas 


And may the butterfly of joy land on your nose.